News Flash

Lee has now joined up with for her beehive rentals.
Beezthingz  also have a computer system which allows you to access the hive details and find out whats been happening in the hive.
If you would like to rent a hive from Lee then please go the the Beezthingz website and book a visit via the website and Lee will take it from there.

Have a hive in your own backyard

tall hive smaller_optLee is a registered beekeeper and will fully manage a beehive on your own property with options for rent or buy. This will provide pollination for your fruit and vegetables all year round and a rewarding family interest.
You get 10kg of your own honey every year packed to your requirements
You can look on and learn as we maintain the hive and highly recommend joining a bee club should you be interested in taking over a hive or further your knowledge in beekeeping.
This is great for anyone who has an interest in preserving this most important creature and tasting their devine rewards.

bee on lavender 2 smaller_opt